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Meet the Animals

The Dogs

Cash and Money

Cash and Money are two 14 year old Pitbulls. They were rescued out of the fighting ring and a life of abuse. Now, the boys go through extensive chemotherapy for their cancer. Nothing stops them from enjoying life every single day.

Our beloved Money has passed away. Rest easy Money.

Keiser and Molly

Keiser (7) and Molly (8) came to us in March of 2022. They are an inseparable pair. They love each other and everyone here very much. Molly loves to play and cause mischief. Keiser loves his daytime naps and attention.

The Horses


Enzo was the first horse brought to our sanctuary. He was given up due to behavioral issues. Enzo used to compete in the jumping ring during show season and brought joy to many people. He is happier than ever in our fields of gold.


Ozzy was and still is loved by his original owner. He moved to our sanctuary after a leg injury that ended his jumping career. He is happily retired rolling in mud puddles.


Winter came to us after being in her stall for illness. She used to be one of the best jumpers in the three foot class. Since coming to us, she has been diagnosed with cancer. She recieves lots of love every day.

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